Here’s how you can participate to WIN this Holiday Season: 
Step 1 — Use your Planner every day — 5 minutes or less is all it takes.
Step 2 — Move for 15 minutes (or more) each day. 
Step 3 — Write what you’re grateful for.


Everyone who tracks these habits is eligible for a prize giveaway at the end of December! 🙌🥳🙌
Any intentional movement counts for this challenge — walking, dancing, playing with your kids or grandkids, PraiseMoves, exercise YouTube video, gym…

15 (or more) Minutes a day is all you need. You can even break it up into 5-minute (or more) segments!

You can use the line-a-day gratitude journal attached (or a sheet of paper) to put your mind to work on what you’re grateful for this season!

I've also attached the 4Rs outline (Recognize, Realize, Restate, Reframe) to help upgrade those old stinky thoughts many of us have had which can lead to stress (and overeating/eating our feelings) over the Holidays. 

Optional: Post your progress in the Handling the Holidays thread in the W³ Community. 

Be sure to download the Challenge with Daily Gratitude Journal and 4Rs here: 


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